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Goodbye sweet love

How NOT to leave your boo

It is never easy saying goodbye to a boo, but there are certainly good ways and bad ways to do it. The way you walk away from a relationship says a lot about you. Take a few pointers on things NOT to do:

Don’t call it off by a text or FB message:
If you want to be remembered as a coward, go on and send that text. The same goes for changing your relationship status on Facebook to single. This is just disrespectful.

Don’t cheat:
Cheating and hoping to get caught so that your partner walks is risky and stupid. Who wants to be with a cheat?

Don’t do a disappearing act:
Just vanishing, or ghosting, and not contacting the person again not only leaves the other party guessing but it also causes them a great deal of heartache and leaves them with unanswered questions. Just fess up and tell the truth. Honesty is always the best policy.

Don’t do it drunk:
Please have enough respect for your partner and be sober for your break-up talk.

Break-ups suck. No matter how you look at them, it hurts to be told that you are not adored any more. If you are the one delivering the news, do it with some caring. Now tell us the truth, what's the worst brush-off line you ever told - or heard?


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