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Tune Me is for Free

No Data? No Worries

Did you know you can access all the stories and good stuff on Tune Me for free with no data costs at all if you have an Airtel sim? All you need to do is find us through Free Basics on your mobile.

What is Free Basics?
Free Basics brings Tune Me and other great mobi sites loaded with information and news to your phone without any data charges. You can access these sites through your browser, or by using the Free Basics android app which you can download from the Play Store.

How do you get it?
Go to www.0.freebasics.com in your mobile browser Scroll down under the heading ‘free websites’ and select ‘add more free services’ at the bottom of the page Search for Tune Me in the search bar or scroll along until you find it.

It’s that easy! Tune Me will be added to your list of free mobi sites and you can use it with no data costs.


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Ok Thats Good

2 months, 2 weeks Ago Report

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i just joined tuneme i love it yoh

5 months, 3 weeks Ago Report

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