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Anger Issues Checklist

Could You be Abusive?

Almost everyone is capable of some manipulative or controlling behaviour from time to time – we all want to get our way or win the argument. But there is a line between wanting to win and being abusive. Remember that abuse is not always physical. It can be emotional or controlling behaviour. Both guys and girls can be abusers.

You may notice yourself:

If you recognise more than a few of the above warning signs, it’s time to take a closer look at yourself. These are signs of being abusive. It’s time for you to speak to someone and get some help before you hurt someone.

Need to talk to someone? Call the 116 helpline under Lifeline Zambia or visit our help pages below.


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I think controlling your girl or being jealous is not being abusive but rather the signs of love... Because you wouldn't want your girlfriend to be sleeping with some other guy, if she does then your life is at risk,,, so you need to know why she always stays so late away from home and usually comes back midnight, then you don't ask her or feel jealous simply bcoz someone thinks it's abusing her.... Mmmmmmmm nooo!!!

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Divine kachabe

Sense helping

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