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Are You Too Controlling?

Your Relationship Checklist

You think you are being protective and looking after her. That’s what men do, isn’t it? Or you may think that YOU are his girl and you have a right to know where he is. Doesn’t it show you care? Sometime you think you may have gone too far. But you are not sure you can trust them.

Control often starts with something small. You may comment on why she shouldn't wear a particular dress, or question why he is speaking in a certain way. You may not like the way she is talking to you, or the way he looks at that other girl.

Signs you may to be too controlling? You:

Controlling behaviour is not about caring and protecting another person, it is about taking away their independence. It is the first step to abuse. If you think you are controlling, it is time to get some help. Call the 116 helpline under Lifeline Zambia to get advice.

Are you under someone's control? NewGirl knows what it feels like. Read her story below.


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Maybe I am controlling or maybe not

2 years, 1 month Ago Report

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Decimond Chali 197

bt wt abt if u are stopng da peson frm doin sumthng whch sems to b bad to both of u while da peson z doin it for granted

2 years, 8 months Ago Report

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