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Don’t Make These Contraception Mistakes

Are They True or False

You might have heard a few stories about contraception and sex, but some stories are just stories! Here’s what’s true and what’s not…

False: A girl can have sex without getting pregnant three days before and three days after her period. She also can’t get pregnant during her period.
True: A girl can get pregnant any time she has unprotected sex. Sperm can survive for up to five days in a girl’s body.

False: A girl can wash sperm out of her vagina after having sex.
True: When a boy ejaculates, his sperm travel into the girl’s cervix within seconds. Even if you jump out of bed immediately, you won’t be able to reached them by washing.

False: A girl cannot get pregnant if she doesn't have an orgasm.
True: A girl can fall pregnant any time she has sex without protection.

False: You can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex.
True: A girl can get pregnant the first time she has sex and even before her first period (if she is about to start menstruating).

False: If you have sex standing up or if a girl is on top during sex, then she won’t get pregnant.
True: Sex positions do not have any effect on whether or not a girl gets pregnant.

A girl can fall pregnant any time she has sex. Only a condom protects against pregnancy as well as STIs and HIV.


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yes contraception can not be trusted the best way is to abstain that's it.

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