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SmartSista: A Circumcised Man

What’s the Big Deal With That?

I have to confess that I like the idea of a penis that has been trimmed. I am sure they all work the same, but what I like most is that I’ve heard it’s a whole lot healthier and cleaner.

I read up about it. If men are circumcised, it can reduce their chances of contracting HIV by 60%, plus it's considered more hygienic. Approximately 30% of men worldwide are circumcised. Guys get circumcised at different times and for many different reasons - at birth, during childhood or when they're adults as a cultural rite of passage, religion or tradition. Now, men at different ages are deciding to circumcise themselves to reduce the risk of getting HIV.

How it protects against HIV
The foreskin's inner surface is vulnerable to HIV. The foreskin acts as a trap and keeps the HIV next to the head of the penis. Because it is not exposed to air, the virus survives longer and gives it a better chance of infecting the person. If a man is circumcised, then the virus is less likely to get trapped under the foreskin and be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Does it help us girls?
Sorry but no! Circumcision doesn’t lower the HIV risk for women.

Remember this
Circumcision is not 100% effective for men and it doesn't help women. It is only one of the many way to reduce a man’s risk of getting HIV. Other safe sex behaviours still need to be practised, such as regular testing for HIV and using condoms with every sexual encounter.

Like SmartSista said, being circumcised doesn't make you 100% safe from STIs or HIV and it won’t protect your lady. Use a condom each time you have sex. Ladies, do you prefer a circumcised or uncircumcised penis? Does it even matter?

Girls more at risk of catching STIs? Check this:


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TRUE day

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The Swain

Am circumcised and my pens is now ever clean than before. And my partner does enjoy each time we decide to have sex.

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