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Saying No to Sex

Good Answers to Tricky Questions

Nobody is allowed to make you have sex. But when someone really wants to have sex with you, they may say many things to get you to agree. Try these answers…

Them: Don't you love me?
You: Yes, and if you love me, you’ll respect my choice. / Yes, but I want to get to know you better.

Them: My friends think we should have done it by now.
You: They don’t know what’s best for us / You should care more about what I think - and I don’t agree!

Them: C'mon, let’s just do it!
You: If we wait until we’re ready, it’ll be much better.

Them: You would do it with me if you really loved me
You: It’s because I love you that I want to wait / If you really loved me, you wouldn’t say that

Them: If we don’t do it soon, I’ll explode!
You: Perhaps masturbation will ease that problem! Then you can relax and take your time with me.

Them: But you’re 16!
You: Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean I have to / I’ll decide when I feel ready - and I’m not ready yet.

Practice saying these words out loud…

Boys, remember if a girl says ‘no’, it’s ‘no’! And girls, remember it is your right to say ‘no’!


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I Dont think its right for anyone to continue asking for sex after you tell them no,if he/she persists, breaking up with them should be a good idea,cause they just might want you for sex.

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Sometimes us as teenagers we think if the girl don't wanna have sex with me we think that she don't love me .......or cheating on me.....BT by having sex that's the sign to show she love me

3 weeks, 5 days Ago Report

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