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CityPrincess: Just a summer fling

Or is it something more?

The guy I met last holiday was gorgeous, fun and we had so much chemistry that I wanted it to last forever.

But when my two-week holiday drew to an end, I couldn't help but wonder if it was over. If all we'd be was a two-week fling - or if there was something more we could be.

When I mentioned that we should exchange digits and get together when the holiday was over, a cloud settled over his face and our summer days. That was the first sign he was just keen on some no-strings-attached fun.

Here are other signs that your fling is not meant to become a relationship:

  1. No future plans to see each other. They love your company, but they've never mentioned anything about seeing you again after the holiday or future plans involving you. That's a big sign that they're just keen on living in the moment.
  2. Your holiday activities are limited to hooking up.. But there's not a lot of getting to know more about each other's lives or much talking.
  3. Real life takes a back seat. They don't introduce you to family/friends and totally avoid conversation about his/her current life. Focus is on the fantasy of the moment and the fling that, just like summer, won't last.

It's almost holiday time.... don't break your heart this summer! If you do fall in love - make it safe fun so a fling doesn’t become a nightmare. Have any good summer fling tips?


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Krisp patson~~

for this article i think ladies would comment nicely...as for me....these ladies who comes and goes they do not mean much but during a holiday or a festive season it feels nice to be by the side of someone with friends having a quiet memorable time would be really nice among all the things "eyes should be opened"(inverted commas)....

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