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MyStory: A broken heart

Is there a fix?

I met a girl and fell deeply in love with her on the same day. But I had to wait for two years before we started dating. Finally, we were a couple!

I promised her that I would never break her heart. I loved her so much that I thought I wouldn’t survive if she left me.

But just a few weeks ago she said she wanted to chat. It was a few days before my birthday. She told me that she was in love with my friend and broke up with me. My heart feels as if it has been torn into a thousand tiny pieces.

But I am stuck on her. I love her and she’s the only girl I’ve ever loved. I can’t move on.

I don’t understand how this has happened to me. I respected her. I told her the truth and was always there for her. And she still left me for my friend. How can I get through this pain?

Dating can be heart-breaking and being dumped is an awful feeling. Do you have any advice for this Tune Me reader on how to cope with his hurt?

This story was written by a Tune Me community member.


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Cc boy

To tune me member who wrote the story A broke heart. My friend all I can say is that while we focus most on the closed do...we turn not notice that another door has opened. It does hurt losing a loved one but be sure to refresh yourself and stretch towards whats coming..try to change what you can and leave the rest to God. Next time you fall in love, have a room of disappointment... That person is not your blood nor does he\she your love as you do....if you do that I promise you a long healthy life

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Mr. Your story is very painful and soulful indeed but I may like you to know that is not all things happen that were made to make us happy for a long time but some were made to build us to be strong. Sometimes we learn from our mistakes we make,such as over trusting our lovers, so after we have been decieved we know how to deal with such feelings. So if you loved her that much never and never ricieved love back it means was not made for you maybe you true lover is by the corner.Its never the end until you die,the is always good things tha are waiting for us.Foreget about her and move on with your life

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