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MyStory: Who am I?

Confused about growing up

My body is changing. I am 16 and I feel different about many things: myself, my family and friends. I am trying to understand my feelings and figure out who can help me to cope and enjoy a better life.

Here are some feelings I experience:

I want to be independent. But I also want support and love from my family. Confusing, eh! I try to talk to my parents about my feelings because they were once teenagers and now I am too... I know. I decide on my own rules myself.

Friends have become very important. I want to dress like them and hang out with them. But sometimes they do things I can't do. It's scary to stand up in a crowd and be myself. But when I do it, I will win respect.

I have mood swings. One minute I will feel great, the next I feel sad, unloved and alone. I think hormones have something to do with these mixed-up feelings. I am always thinking about why I feel this way.

I am worried about my body. I know my body is changing and I am slowly getting used to it. But I still worry if it will look okay.

I am getting sexual feelings. Someone turns me on and I think about them day and night. It’s okay I tell myself! I am growing up.

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