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How Do Bodies Respond Sexually?

Learn the Body Basics

It is easy to know when a boy is sexually aroused because he gets an erection. But how do you know a girl is sexually aroused? What makes her feel good? How does she orgasm? Do all girls feel the same? Does a girl’s body respond the same way a guys’ does? When you are old enough to start having sex you will want to know these things.

There are four phases of how all bodies react to sexual stimulation. This stimulation can be during masturbation by yourself, masturbation with a partner (mutual masturbation) or sexual intercourse. It can even happen while you’re dreaming.

How do you recognise the stages? Let’s find out!

  1. Desire: You feel like you want to feel touched sexually. It’s the same for girls. Your girl will show desire and tell you she wants to feel sexual touch.
  2. Excitement: You get an erection, your nipples get hard and your breathing changes. You may see your girls’ nipples harden, her clitoris gets harder and bigger, and her may breathing change. Her inner lips swell and become darker red. Her vagina lubricates and becomes very wet.
  3. Orgasm: The sexual and muscular tension built up is released in quick muscular spasms. These are quick contractions at the base of the penis and lower back in men, and in women, of the vagina, uterus, anus, and muscles of the lower belly. The muscles contract 5 to 12 times with less than a second between each contraction. A guy will typically ejaculate as he orgasms. Most girls take longer to orgasm than guys. Many don’t reach orgasm from sexual intercourse alone and need stimulation on their clitoris as well to reach orgasm.
  4. Resolution: The body goes back to normal.

Knowing how bodies respond sexually can help you feel more in control of how your body works and allow you to better pleasure your partner.


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whenever I see a naked girl I feel sex there and than,what should I be doing?

4 months Ago Report

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Mmmmm I have been in a relationship for three years no sex! Is it normal

7 months, 2 weeks Ago Report

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I don't think its normal every married couple should have sex every time you want it. sex is the other way of moving marriage forward. in some marriages couples fight because they don't have sex. so my dear do something before time runs out.

4 months Ago Report
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