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Cassie Kabwita: No guys please

I put my job first

Award-winning actress Cassie Kabwita says that men and dating are not the most important thing in her life. According to a statement released on her Facebook page, Kabwita said that she is always being asked who she is dating and if she is ready to settle down. But she says men are not the first thing on her mind. Her career actually comes first!

Rumours have swirled about who she is dating. Some reports say the actress is currently filming in Tanzania and she is dating a young Tanzanian millionaire located in Arusha. It reports that he has been helping Kabwita and her team with the movie production.

But Kabwita says this isn’t true at all. She says that, as much as she appreciates and values relationships (and indeed marriage), she wants a to build her career far more. She added that as soon as gets into a relationship, she will definitely inform everyone personally.

Having a career is a girl's right too. Delay an early marriage or getting too serious and give yourself a chance to make your mark and earn. What do you think is more important - dating or a career?


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yes its career first but also think of your future too no one will forever live young,, timing is very important

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Every one he / she is the right,, it does n't matter ,weather you are marryed or not.

1 year, 2 months Ago Report

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