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Okay, I got an STI

But who's to blame?

A Lusaka man has told the court that his wife is to blame for the fact he caught a sexually transmitted infection. Why? Because he says he was 'forced' to sleep with other girls after she refused to sleep with him.


The Zambia Daily Mail reports that Chilama Laima told the court that his wife stopped sleeping with him. He said she used to wear a tight pair of leggings to bed. He confessed that he did catch an STI but that he went to a clinic and took medication and his infection was cleared. But his wife still refused sex.

But his wife, Sharipha Phiri, says it’s the other way around. She told the court that she stopped having sex with him only after he contracted an STI. She said she found out that he caught it from a girl that he paid K20 to have sex with him.

She confirms that he did clear up the infection by taking medicine, but she felt she still could not trust him. She didn’t want to have sex with him and risk getting infected herself.

Many STIs can be cured if you visit a health facility and get them treated. But trust takes a longer time to fix. Use a condom even if you are in a long-term relationship. You may be faithful, but is your sexual partner also being faithful? There’s no way to know for sure.


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Guys can i know something ahhh can u survive malaria after being infected by hiv for a year without medication

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safe sex is good...wether married or in a relationship..take time to talk to your patern if they is need to visit a clinic do so together..

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